Recorded Music


With C3

Progressive jazz fusion/hip-hop collective made up of NYU students • co-founder, composer, arranger, and drummer

Artwork by Kyle Brenn.

Artwork by Kyle Brenn.

The Unanswered Question

(2017) • EP

Recorded at Grand Street Recording, Carriage House Studios & Western CT State University from winter 2016 to spring 2017. Released April 28, 2017.

“Fleaker” composed & arranged by Kyle Brenn • “Keys” co-composed & co-arranged by Kyle Brenn • “Slanza” co-composed & arranged by Kyle Brenn.

Recorded & mixed by by Johnny Montagnese, Ian Callanan, Jake Lummus & Dakota Mar; mastered by Dakota Mar.


House By The Water [working title]

(2018) • EP

Recorded at NYU in winter 2017. Planned release in spring 2019.

“Everyone Else” composed & arranged by Kyle Brenn • “Raganova” co-composed by Kyle Brenn.

Recorded by Dakota Mar, Aron Kobayashi-Ritch & Ethan Bailey; produced, mixed & mastered by Dakota Mar.



Other Projects

Artwork by Skylar Singer.

Artwork by Skylar Singer.

Modern Medicine

(2018) • single

Written & recorded w/ Amelia Murray in Prague, Czech Republic in spring 2018.

Featuring Dorothy Carlos (cello). • Produced, mixed & mastered by Dakota Mar.

Available on all streaming platforms.